What Past Participants Said

Past Participant Comments 2024

“Many lectures were straightforward, easy to follow, and incredibly informative”

“The structure felt perfectly balanced between an appropriate amount of time in the morning and afternoon while providing a full day to enjoy the slopes”

“Strength was short 20-30 minute presentations – this is perfect”

“Overall, I felt they provided me with a wealth of useful knowledge, and the collaborative atmosphere made it highly motivating to wake up and learn every morning.”

“This [was] a wonderful opportunity to get to know a great group of doctors and experience many different perspectives as expected with such a wide scope of practice.”

Past Participant Comments 2023

“Some of the high points of the talks were the UF anesthesia faculty talks.”

“It’s a well organized CME, great topics”

“Well prepared, organized times around ski schedule, great current topics”

“Program did an excellent job at presenting variety of topics from multispecialties which I believe is unique in CME presentations.”

“Excellent programme, an awesome location, fascinating material. And great skiing”

“Loved the small size and short talk format”

“Great breath of topics, inclusion of related surgical specialty speakers, and of course ski opportunity matching my kids spring break.”

Past Participant Comments 2022

“Great topics on problem solving, teamwork and new thoughts in clinical practice were presented.”

“Friendly speakers and spirited conversations!”

“I liked the diversity of lectures and the lack of being to overly academic.”

“The discussions with the group members were outstanding”

“The speakers keeping the attendees involved made it very educational and not just an academic exercise.”

“The lessons learned can be used in any community practice.””